Kerdi-Board Shower Niche

Kerdi-Board Shower Niche

Kerdi-Board Shower Niche

Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD-SN is a prefabricated shower niche that is fully sealed, quick to install, and integrates with KERDI and KERDI-BOARD shower assemblies. The larger niche sizes include a KERDI-BOARD shelf that can be installed at any height to create separate compartments within the niche.

  • Fully waterproof and vapor-tight
  • Features sealed inside corners for effective waterproofing
  • To enhance its appearance, frame the niche using select Schluter® profiles
  • Larger sizes include a prefabricated, adjustable KERDI-BOARD shelf
  • Available in four different sizes

Product details

  • Size

    12X6,12X28 Double,12X20 Double,12X12

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