Island 8X8 Sand Beige Porcelain Tile

Island 8X8 Sand Beige Porcelain Tile
Island 8X8 Sand Beige Porcelain Tile
Island 8X8 Sand Beige Porcelain Tile

Island 8X8 Sand Beige Porcelain Tile

Introducing the Island collection by Urban Coast Tile—where the essence of the Caribbean comes to life in every tile. Crafted in Italy with meticulous attention to detail, these 8x8 porcelain tiles are as versatile as they are stunning, suitable for both walls and floors. With two captivating decors—Antigua and Bahamas—alongside the enchanting Mix Encaustic option, the Island collection offers endless possibilities for creating vibrant, tropical-inspired spaces.

Embrace the tranquility of ocean blues with the Ocean Blue tiles, or bask in the warmth of sandy beaches with the Sand Beige tiles. Each tile boasts a matte finish and substantial shade variation, adding depth and character to any room they adorn.

The Antigua Tile invites you to wander through a Caribbean garden, with its intricate floral patterns and whimsical dots dancing against a crisp white backdrop. Meanwhile, the Bahamas Tile captures the spirit of island living, featuring dotted flower patterns in shades of blue and yellow that evoke the sun-kissed shores and azure waters of the tropics.

For those seeking a truly eclectic aesthetic, the Mix Encaustic Tile is a treasure trove of Caribbean-inspired patterns and colors. With 45 different decors seamlessly blended together, each installation becomes a unique work of art, bursting with the vibrant hues of brown, blue, yellow, white, and green.

Whether you're dreaming of a coastal retreat or infusing your space with island-inspired charm, the Island collection by Urban Coast Tile invites you to embark on a journey to paradise, one tile at a time.

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Product details

  • Color


  • Size


  • Thickness

    10 mm

  • Finish


  • Brand

    Urban Coast Tile

  • PEI Rating


  • Frost Resistant


  • Type

    Tile - Porcelain & Ceramic

  • Shape


  • Shade Variation

    V4 - Substantial

  • Material Type


  • Application

    Floors - Residential, Floors - Commercial, Walls - Interior, Walls - Exterior, Pool

  • Color Family

    Beige, Tan

  • Series


  • Style


  • DCOF (Greater than or Equal To)


  • Country of Origin