Profiles Jolly

Profiles Jolly

Profiles Jolly

Schluter®-JOLLY is a finishing and edge-protection profile for the outside corners of tiled surfaces on walls. The vertical wall section of the profile provides a decorative finish and protects adjacent tiles. Other applications include transitions for dado coverings such as carpet, natural stone, or cold-cured resin coatings.

  • Prevents tile edges from chipping
  • Ideal for creating decorative transitions on walls
  • Ideal trim for the top edge of a tiled wall, backsplash, and bathtub surround
  • Features an integrated joint spacer that establishes a defined joint cavity between the tile and the profile


Product details

  • Size

    125 - 1/2"X8',100 - 3/8"X8',60 - 1/4"X8',80 - 5/16"X8'

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