Teaki Tile

Teaki Tile

Teaki Tile

Teaki Tiles are hand-cut, hand-painted tiles made from the finest kiln-dried, 100% reclaimed teak available. Designed in Hawaii and crafted in Bali, Teaki Tiles are built to last… and leave a lasting impression.

Why Teak?

Teak is a tropical hardwood that offers incredible diversity in its function and use. Famous for its ability to withstand life in the tropics, teak isn’t afraid to take on sun exposure, heat, humidity, rain, or water exposure. Even insects avoid messing with this hardy wood!

When it comes to water exposure, teak is one of the best wood options available when properly maintained. They even make boats out of it! Compared to rough salty seas, a little spray from your shower or the rain is a breeze.

Due to its high level of resinous oils, teak experiences minimal shrinking, swelling and/or warping compared to other woods. For direct wet applications, including shower walls and backsplashes, we apply a thick resin finish to our tiles to lock in the color and protect them from weathering.

For floor applications, we use a thicker ¾-inch tile and resin to protect the tiles from the additional wear and tear of foot traffic. As with any wood flooring, the tiles may need to be refinished over time.

To sum it up, teak is naturally an extremely dense, versatile, durable, not to mention beautiful, hardwood product.

Further enhancing teak’s natural traits, Teaki Tiles uses a kiln-drying process to harden our teak to ensure maximum durability along with a strong resin to protect the design and the color when appropriate.

So, where does our “100% Reclaimed Teak” come from?

Due to its weather resistance, teak is a common material used in building structures including bridges, docks, and buildings in Bali and around the world. When these structures are past their prime, their next stop is the landfill unless the wood can find a new life purpose.

We source only the highest quality reclaimed teak for our tiles and each piece goes through extensive quality control and a kiln-drying process to ensure that our product is ready to stand for generations to come.


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