Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite

quartzite countertops in delaware

Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite

The soft gray background is subtly highlighted with white, gray, light blue and tan veins in these stunning quartzite slabs. Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite countertops, accent walls, and floors complement a variety of design styles from traditional to modern. Quartzite has the look and feel of marble but is actually harder than granite. When properly sealed, quartzite offers an easily cleaned and highly sanitary and bacteria free surface. It is ideal for interior use including kitchen and bathroom counter tops, tub decks, fireplace surrounds, bar tops and more.

Note: Slab photos on this site do not necessarily reflect actual inventory. Its intended use is for product familiarity purposes only. Natural stone can vary tremendously, and we advise that you visit our slab yard or contact our customer service department for current inventory lots available.

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    Macaubas Fantasy

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    Natural Stone

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  • Color Family

    Gray, Blue, Cream

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