Colonial White

granite countertops in delaware

Colonial White

Colonial White is a granite that originates from India. It has pigments and veining of black, gray and white that move generously over top of a cool white base. This stone is available in a leathered finish.

It is formed when molten lava is trapped below the surface of the earth and slowly cools and crystallizes into an extremely durable stone. Granite is a one of a kind, natural stone product that is highly scratch and etch resistant, and when properly sealed, offers an easily cleaned and highly sanitary and bacteria free surface It is ideal for any interior use including kitchen and bathroom counter tops, tub decks, fire place surrounds, bar tops and more.

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Product details

  • Color

    Colonial White

  • Size


  • Thickness


  • Finish


  • Brand

    Natural Stone

  • Material Type


  • Level


  • Color Family

    White, Gray

  • Country of Origin


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