Bianco Rhino Marble

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Bianco Rhino Marble

Bianco Rhino Marble or also known as Mystery White marble form Namibia is a solid white elegant, polished slab marble available in 3CM thickness. Use this beautiful natural stone to create stunning marble countertops, kitchen islands, accent walls, marble tile floors, and backsplashes throughout commercial and residential properties where a subtle elegance is desired. It's a statement luxury countertop choice. 

Care should be given in determining its use, as it is considered a surface that scratches easily and is subject to etching. But properly utilized, marble exudes a beauty that is unique and inspiring. Note: Slab photos on this site do not necessarily reflect actual inventory. It's intended use is for product familiarity purposes only. Natural stone can vary tremendously, and we advise that you visit our slab yard or contact our customer service department for current inventory lots available.

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    Bianco Rhino

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    Natural Stone

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