Lunada Bay Tile creates handcrafted glass, ceramic and pewter tiles with an emphasis on simplicity, texture and color.

Inspired by the lifestyle and light of the Southern California coast, Lunada Bay Tile reflects a distinct approach to experimentation, based on a design philosophy that blends traditional craftsmanship with modern influences. Our products reflect the way people want to live and what makes them feel good – and is informed by specialized techniques that allow our artisans to create effects unlike any other source in our industry. The outcome is an attitude for living well, a regard for quiet elegance and the singular nature of objects that capture our attention.


Agate (agate_brochure_web.pdf, 1,970 Kb) [Download]

Haisen (haisen_brochure_web.pdf, 5,035 Kb) [Download]

Luce (luce_brochure_web.pdf, 7,983 Kb) [Download]

Marbleized (marbleized_brochure_web.pdf, 4,554 Kb) [Download]

Mizumi (LBT_brochure_mizumi_web.pdf, 2,469 Kb) [Download]

Monochromatic (LBT_brochure_mono_web.pdf, 2,766 Kb) [Download]

Old Fashioned (oldfashioned_brochure_web.pdf, 3,978 Kb) [Download]

Old Fashioned Glow (glow_tearsheet_web.pdf, 1,830 Kb) [Download]

Origami Mosaic (LBT_brochure_origami_mosaic_web.pdf, 1,572 Kb) [Download]

Shibui (LBT_brochure_shibui_web.pdf, 1,807 Kb) [Download]

Shinju (shinju_brochure_web.pdf, 1,116 Kb) [Download]

Sumi-E (LBT_brochure_sumi_web.pdf, 2,086 Kb) [Download]

Tomei (LBT_brochure_tomei_web.pdf, 1,326 Kb) [Download]

Tommy Bahama Booklet (lbt-tb-booklet-2017-web.pdf, 4,798 Kb) [Download]

Tommy Bahama Catalog (TommyBahama_brochure_web.pdf, 5,753 Kb) [Download]

Tozen (LBT_brochure_tozen_web.pdf, 2,439 Kb) [Download]

Tozen Glow (LBT_brochure_tozen_glow_web.pdf, 2,498 Kb) [Download]

Venetian (venetian_tearsheet_web.pdf, 940 Kb) [Download]

Watercolors (LBT_brochure_watercolors_web.pdf, 5,325 Kb) [Download]

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