Our products are curated with timeless & fashion forward designs and styles that satisfy the challenges of interior design. Smartly combine tile offerings from our beautifully crafted collections for stunning appeal.

We've focused our efforts into providing a wide range of tile lines and materials. Each of our chapters feature carefully thought out themes developed to ensure a cohesive design.


CH. 1 Suite Glass (1_SuiteGlass-2.pdf, 2,029 Kb) [Download]

CH. 2 Vintage Studio (Chapter-2-Vintage-Studio-lores.pdf, 3,738 Kb) [Download]

CH. 3 Stream Stone (3_StreamStone-2.pdf, 1,444 Kb) [Download]

CH. 4 Final (Chapter04_vFinal_lores.pdf, 4,310 Kb) [Download]

CH. 5 Studio Gazette (Chapter-5-Studio-Gazette-Catalog.pdf, 3,627 Kb) [Download]

CH. 7 Crossroads (7_Crossroads1-2.pdf, 5,429 Kb) [Download]

CH. 9 Pietra Opus (9_PietraOpus1.pdf, 1,513 Kb) [Download]

CH. 10 Breakwater (10_Breakwater-catalog.pdf, 599 Kb) [Download]

CH. 11 Align (11_Align.pdf, 2,505 Kb) [Download]

CH. 12 Ashland and Halsted (12_Ashland_and_Halsted-catalog.pdf, 2,392 Kb) [Download]

CH. 14 Duality (14_Duality-catalog.pdf, 2,454 Kb) [Download]

CH. 15 Classic Statuario (15_ClassicStatuario-catalog.pdf, 1,685 Kb) [Download]

CH. 16 Park Place (Chapter-16-ParkPlace_Catalog-lowresv2.pdf, 2,788 Kb) [Download]

CH. 17 Atlas (17_Atlas-2-catalog.pdf, 1,842 Kb) [Download]

CH. 18 Rotunda (Chapter_18_Rotunda.pdf, 2,522 Kb) [Download]

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