Black Slate

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Natural Stone


Black Slate originates from Brazil or Italy. Slate is a metamorphic rock, composed of clay minerals or micas and is gray in color. It will darken when enhanced with certain sealers. Care should be given in determining it's use as it is considered a surface that scratches easily. But properly utilized, slate can be the perfect selection for both interior and exterior use.

Note: Slab photo's on this site do not necessarily reflect actual inventory. It's intended use is for product familiarity purposes only. Natural stone can vary tremendously and we advise that you visit our slab yard or contact our customer service department for current inventory lots available.


  • Natural Stone
Colors (In-Stock):
  • Black Slate
Size (In Stock):
  • 2cm (3/4")
  • Slate
Price Point:
  • $$$ Moderate
  • Honed
Country of Origin:
  • Brazil
  • Italy


Black Slate Data Sheet (Black_Slate__H_Data_Sheet.pdf, 129 Kb) [Download]

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