Kerdi-Shower Tray

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Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-ST is a prefabricated sloped shower tray that eliminates the need for a mortar bed.

  • Specifically designed to integrate with KERDI-SHOWER-SC and KERDI-BOARD-SC shower curbs, KERDI, and KERDI-DRAIN
  • Eliminates the need for a mortar bed
  • Reduces weight and installation time
  • Creates a bondable surface for applying the KERDI waterproofing membrane
  • Can easily be cut to size with a utility knife or extended using dry-pack mortar
  • Made of lightweight polystyrene foam which provides a thermal break from the substrate
  • Six sizes available, including an option with an off-center drain which is ideal for tub replacements
  • Available with pre-cut piece of KERDI for waterproofing


  • Schluter
  • 32X60 Center
  • 32X60 Off-Center
  • 38X38
  • 48X48
  • 48X72
  • 72X72


Catalog (Shower_Brochure.pdf, 1,620 Kb) [Download]

MSDS (Shower_System_Data_Sheet.pdf, 1,820 Kb) [Download]

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