1 pt

NobleWeld 100 is a solvent welding system for seaming sheets of Chloraloy® and NobleSeal® TS

6 ft, 4 ft

Noble Chloraloy is a shower pan liner waterproofing membrane used under full mortar bed installations

Noble Corners provide waterproofing to inside and outside corners

Nickel Bronze, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Noble Drains are high-quality shower drains that create a watertight connection with the waterproofing membrane


NobleFlex Drain Flashing provides a smooth transition between a NobleSeal waterproofing membrane and a standard, three-part clamping ring drains

20X40 Tapered, 40X40, 20X40 Flat, 60X60

PRO-SLOPE is a preformed composite made from durable expanded polystyrene

14.25X14.25, 14.25X22.25 Double, 14.25X22.25, 8.25X22.25 Double

Noble Niches are waterproof niches that are ready for tile

48", 60"

Noble Proform Curbs save time by replacing lath and mortar to create a tileable surface

15.5X36X20 Rectangular, 23X23X32.5 Triangular, 15.5X15.5X20 Curved

Noble Preformed waterproof benches are ideal for showes, steam rooms, saunas, and spa applications

The Positive Weep Protector is a simple drainage solution that keeps weepholes in the drain's clamping ring open