UPDATE Tuesday March 31, 2020 Open Under New Modifications

Open Under New Modifications

I hope all in your circle are doing well, both physically and mentally. Every day, we are implementing new procedures, new protocols. There are some days that we institute a new procedure in the morning and by afternoon it has changed. I am certain your world is the same, that is the new “norm”. So, I apologize upfront for the inconveniences that our changes have caused. We are doing them for both your safety as well as ours. Here’s a quick recap of our status.

• ALL locations are open.

• All facilities are no longer allowing nonemployees inside the buildings, except for extreme reasons.

• All customers are asked to call in their orders (can be done in our parking lot) and we will bring the order out to the vehicle. It’s simple and it has been working well. We have multiple salespeople on-site, and they are processing the orders and answering questions.

• The loading of vehicles is by forklift. Any handloading of vehicles is self-serve. It is imperative that we maintain 6’ distancing from all, and we can not go inside your vehicle.

• Delivery is still a great option, for those areas and job sites still open and legally accessible.

• Virtual selections (tile & countertop) are a big hit! We are filling our days working with designers, contractors, and customers. We have multiple options available; they really work well. Give it a try, we are flexible and can work around almost anything. Check out our website for more information.

• Web-Site - we are in the process of adding our retail price to all in-stock tile items. As we make our showroom “virtual”, this is a logical step and will help reduce the time and questions as customers try to make decisions.

• Inventory - we were able to get some last-minute containers out of Italy and Spain prior to their complete shut-down. For now, they are hoping to re-open in mid-April. Currently, our inventory is in good shape. As items become critically low, we are offering substitutes. We will be relying on our domestic factories for any import shortfalls. If you are currently searching for an item, call or email us and we will help find alternatives.

• Stone Shop - we are still fabricating and installing countertops where allowed. The schedule is dynamic as changes happen daily. Many safety protocols are in place. Please let us know if you have any unique needs. Quote to contract are being done virtually, give us a call and we will get you started.

I want to thank all our customers. Your attitude has been outstanding and it’s apparent that so many of you are working hard and working as safe as possible. The very best to you all!