Tile Market of Delaware Current Operations -Update March 18, 2020

As the current situation with regards to COVID-19 continues to evolve we will regularly post updates to our website as well as communicate through email.

Tile Market of Delaware operates as a distributor and manufacturer that serves a multi-state region. We are closely monitoring the restrictions as they are being applied to Delaware and our service area in surrounding states. Currently we are open and will continue to take the necessary steps to remain open to serve our partners in the construction business. Below are further updates as they relate to operations.

Supply Chain

Our partners in Italy and Spain have been hit hard however, they have all reached out to me to assure us that they are open, producing, and shipping product. While there are some delays due to container shortage, product is moving. Currently, we have good inventory levels in most products, and have additional product on the water as well as in port, waiting to clear. Our purchasing and logistics department is continuing to replenish inventory. Our domestic partners are in the same situation, they are up and running and fulfilling orders. While it is to be expected that there will be some product shortages, we will work with you to find suitable substitutes if that occurs.


All showrooms are open as they remain an instrumental tool for our partners to remain working. We have implemented some changes with others coming. We ask that you and your customers help us as we all aim to stop the spread of germs.

  1. Change in hours of operation.Temporarily, we will no longer be open late on Wednesday evening and will be closed on Saturday. We will be open Monday-Friday. We feel this is a necessary change in order to help our staff keep up with the demand and at the same time practice safe habits. We will notify you when we resume normal hours.
  2. Social Distancing-please make a conscious effort to reduce close contact. 6’ is recommended and should be followed.
  3. Minimize your time and your customer’s time in our showrooms. THIS IS IMPORTANT. While we want to help keep your projects moving forward, we also want to minimize the social contact our employees have. Selections for the most part will be “self-serve” as our salespeople are instructed to stay at a distance and to answer essential questions. I understand that this will impact the quality of design service that we can offer however, it is being done under the guidance and recommendations of the CDC.
  4. Call in orders when possible, pay for them over the phone. If orders are paid in full, you can simply call the front desk, tell them you are here, and we will bring the order out to your vehicle.
  5. Visit our website. You and your customers can scout out our in-stock collections from a distance.